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Five Points Carwash has been servicing Ventura, California, for years. In our years of service, we have seen many vehicles come in just in the nick of time. Just soon enough to save them from irreversible paint damage. This list includes some of the most common ways your car’s paint gets damaged. The only way to avoid the irreversible damage done by these common items is to get your vehicle washed promptly. A good carwash will stop the damage from occurring, and a good detail with a clay bar will, in some cases, prevent future damage.  

Bird Droppings

In a lot of cultures, bird droppings are good luck. However, they are nothing but bad luck for your car’s paint. Bird droppings are acidic, meaning they will wear away at the layers of your car’s paint. If you catch these droppings on time, when they are still wet, you can use wet wipes to clean them. Unfortunately, if they are dried and caked on when you notice them, the best option is to visit a car wash.

Coffee and Soda

Like bird droppings, coffee and soda are high in acidity. If by chance, you have spilled either of these delicious but deadly drinks on your car’s paint, a wet wipe won’t do. Instead, immediately wash the surface with a good cleaning substance. If this is too much of a hassle, get to a car wash immediately. 


So you’ve been driving down the freeway in the fast lane, and you’ve had the misfortune of hitting bugs, don’t let them get dry and caked on. Bugs will damage your paint too, especially if you let them linger. Like some other things we have gone over, bugs are highly acidic. Letting them layer on your car and linger will wear away at your car’s paint. Either wipe them off immediately or get yourself to a car wash as soon as possible.


Gas might pour onto the side of your ride at your next fill-up. Maybe you were in a rush and didn’t realize it, or you could have been multitasking; whatever way it happened, you need a wash quickly. Apply some mild soap and water and act fast. 


California is the home of wildfires. These fires can layer ash on your vehicle. It is very common that if you’re in the vicinity of a wildfire, your car will suffer. If on the off chance, it rains during a wildfire or after one has layered ash on your ride, a chemical reaction will corrode your car’s paint. Your goal in this situation is to park as far away from the fire as possible and, if possible, in a garage.

Sunlight Exposure

Too much sunlight introduces harmful UV rays to your car. Consistently leaving your vehicle in the sun, especially during one of our summer heat waves, almost guarantees that your paint will peel and crack. To prevent this,  park in the shade or a garage. If you can’t do either, you can up the frequency of a good carwash or apply protective wax.

Dirty Rags and Towels

When washing your car on your own, take some tips from the pros here at Five Points Car wash. We recommend a clean microfibre towel during every wash. Never throw your towel on the ground when you’re mid-wash; instead, drape it over a clean bucket of water. If you fail to use sanitary towels or throw your towels on the floor, residual dirt will scratch your car’s paint.