How Five Points Car Wash checks off your car needs

Have you ever looked at your car and felt embarrassed by the state of it? Are you tired of having a car that looks like it just went off-roading, even though you’ve only driven it to work and back? Is the interior a hot mess with crumbs, dirt, and dust everywhere?  Perhaps you’ve been too […]

Crucial Areas You’re Missing When Cleaning Your Car

Hey there, car lovers! If you’re like us here at Five Points Car Wash, you love your car like it’s a part of the family. And just like with any family member, you want to ensure it’s taken care of and looks its best. But when it comes to cleaning your car, are you really […]

Car Maintenance: Getting A Detailed Wash

Your car is more than just a mode of transportation. It’s your trusty steed, your partner in crime, and a means of escape to roads of infinite possibility. You rely on it to get you where you need to go, so taking care of it is essential. That’s why regular maintenance is vital. But have […]

The Benefits of Regular Car Washing

Regular car washing…some happily drive off to get it taken care of, while most of us avoid it like the plague until it can be avoided no longer. Some cars, if left unclean long enough even reach a point where they begin to rust and become unsafe to drive. In the long term, regular car […]

How to Maintain the Shine on Your Car’s Paint: A Guide

Maintaining the New Car Look As a car owner, you want your vehicle to look its best at all times. Not only does it bring a sense of pride and satisfaction, but a well-maintained car can also retain its value for years to come. But with daily exposure to the elements, pollutants, and normal wear […]

The 7 Most Common Ways Car Paint Gets Damaged

Five Points Carwash has been servicing Ventura, California, for years. In our years of service, we have seen many vehicles come in just in the nick of time. Just soon enough to save them from irreversible paint damage. This list includes some of the most common ways your car’s paint gets damaged. The only way […]

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