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At Five Points, we will provide you with five-star car detailing services to keep your car polished and looking brand new. Our team includes experienced detailers who are efficient, thorough, and will handle your vehicle with the utmost care and keen attention to detail.

  • High Gloss Express Wax $69.99
  • Express Hand Wax $99.99
  • Hand Wax Clay (Surface Preparation) $129.99
  • Interior Detailing Shampoo $159.99
  • Carpet Shampoo $79.99
  • Interior Leather Cleaning $89.99
  • Wheel Polishing Each $10.00
  • Buf and Wax $169.99
  • Engine Wash Top $60.00
  • Engine Only Bottom $79.00
  • Engine Top and Bottom $130.00
  • Head Light Polishing $69.99
  • Hand Wax Interior Detailing Shampoo $219.99
  • Complete Detailing $320.00

*There will be an additional fee for trucks, vans, and SUVs.

Ventura Auto Detailing Services

When you are looking for auto detailing in Ventura, Five Points has you covered. We take pride in transforming the look of a car through our top-quality auto detailing services. Our team of highly-trained auto detailers pays close attention to every detail—make sure that when your vehicle leaves, it is absolutely pristine inside and out. Since 1985, We has been the go-to place for auto detailing services in Ventura. For questions about any of our auto detailing services, give us a call at (805) 643-7715.

Complete Car Detailing in Ventura: The Five Points Experience

Car detailing is an effective way to maintain your vehicle’s value and keep it in its best possible condition. At Five Points in Ventura, CA we use a multi-step auto detailing process to remove all contaminants and blemishes on a vehicle’s interior and exterior. Every square inch of a vehicle’s exterior is polished to restore its original, residue-free finish. No detail is spared during this labor-intensive process–which is all done by hand.

Our interior detailing services will take care of all spills, pet hair, sand, dirt, dust, and any other debris and contaminant–bringing your vehicle’s interior back to glory. As part of detailing a vehicle’s interior, our professional auto detailers:

  • Vacuum in detail all seats, carpets, mats, the headliner, and rear cargo area–meticulously removing even the small particles of debris
  • Scrub, brush, and shampoo floor carpets and mats to remove any and all stains
  • Sanitize and clean all interior panel areas and consoles to remove all dust and contaminants

With our exterior car detailing services, your vehicle will shine and shimmer like the day you drove it off the lot! As part of the exterior detailing process we:

  • Do a comprehensive wash and dry, all of which is done by hand
  • Use a premium clay bar to remove any contaminants, blemishes, and residue
  • Polish the entirety of the exterior to restore the vehicle’s original paint
  • Seal and wax the exterior to give it a dazzling glossy shine
Beyond complete auto detailing, we provide individual auto detailing services as well. Browse the list to see all of our auto detailing services.

Why Choose Our Auto Detailing Experts?

Five Points Car Wash has been consistently regarded as the best auto detailing in Ventura for over 37 years! Beyond our high-quality auto detailing services, our customers come back because of our affordable prices. Simply stated, we are committed to ensuring that our customers always have a phenomenal experience. Choosing us means the job is done swiftly and accurately. Prior to handing you back your keys, all vehicles go through a quality assurance check to ensure that each and every single detail has been addressed. Visit us today we are open seven days a week and are conveniently located at 2912 Telegraph Rd, Ventura CA.

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